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Back Massage

for the Body

Deep Therapeutic or Relaxation, whatever you NEED.

Each Massage is tailored to your needs in the moment.

This is your time to Let Go and Relax.


Jenn is a registered massage therapists and works with each individual client to figure out the best possible treatment.

Communication is key - want deep pressure? Just ask. Too much pressure? - Just say!


Jenn is here to help you feel comfortable, relaxed, and most importantly feel Less Stress!

Cupping ~ Pre/Post Natal ~ Essential Oils

Hot Stone Massage ~ Raindrop Technique

Massage is offered for:

60 Minutes - $110

75 Minutes - $136

90 Minutes - $152

* GST & Receipt or Direct Billing Included

No benefits no problem ~ inquire for scaled

or barter pricing


for the Mind & Soul

This offering is a body-mind-soul massage & energy release offering. We work to find the root cause deep in the issues of your tissues.
This intuitive energetics & sound massage offering was designed to introduce those who are unfamiliar with energy work to energy work while still enjoying some of the traditional massage techniques.

This is NOT your typical massage. There may be some typical massage techniques; however, it is not all hands-on massage & will be different each time as we intuitively treat your energy for that exact session.

Book this offering if you have areas of your body that do not ever seem to get better and stay better.
Jenn has been uniquely trained to tap into your bodies energy & be guided to areas of concern. Then using varyi
ng energetic and sound instruments, we help you realign your Body, Mind and Soul’s energy.


60 Minutes - $170

75 Minutes - $191

90 Minutes - $216

* GST & Receipt or Direct Billing Included

No benefits no problem ~ inquire for scaled

or barter pricing


for the Body, Mind & Soul

~ Experience IT ~

An intuitive healing technique based on the ancient Japanese principles of USUI SHIKI RYOHO

Jenn becomes the conduit for which source energy flows. 

Let her flow with intuitive guidance as your BEST, HIGHEST self leads the way in supporting your body, mind, soul and spirit.... your being... to assist self healing. ~ Allowing greater access to become aware from within, empowering yourself to create your life from the inside out.



Reiki is Offered for: 

60 Minutes - $100

75 Minutes - $111

90 Minutes - $133

* GST & Receipt Included

~ Inquire for scaled or barter pricing~

~Learn IT~

Jenn offers 4 levels of USUI REIKI training:

Reiki Training 1 – Practitioner Level 1 

Reiki Training 2 – Practitioner Level 2 

Reiki Training 3 – Practitioner Level 3  (a.k.a. Reiki Master Level)

Reiki Training 4 – Master Teacher Level

One-on-One & Group Training is offered

Inquire for pricing and custom training dates.


Please enjoy this free Full Moon Affirmation-Gratitude Meditation & Sound Bath

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