21 Days to Soul Sovereignty

Have you been feeling a call from the universe?  As if you have a need for self discovery that calls you? Whatever it is that calls to you, you are ready for transform and release into your higher self.


Less Stress and our practitioners are here to help hold space, and provide guidance for your transformation! If you are searching for release and clarity this offering is ready and waiting for you NOW.


The purpose of this offering is to give you the tools and guidance to rapidly remove energetic and mental obstacles holding you back from molding your life into positive, cohesive and forward moving momentum with ease. In order to get results it's time to make a commitment to yourself.


Jolene offers an expansive and completly unique array of tools supporting and expression her souls innate ability... Sound, Language of Light, Energetics,  Massage therapy, Reflexology.....integrative ....allways unique...

This package contains 3 sessions of 60 minute integrated healing massage and must be used within 21 days of purchase and you get to choose from a list of sound baths dates at your first appointment. Are you ready for change?


Add on an additional 30 minutes to massage $30.00 per session

Upgrade from a 60 min session to include Phi Sound Session 90 minute $ 50.00 per session



The 3 - 60 minute integrated massage sessions must be used with in 21 days. If not completed within 21 days the remaining value (total value minus any used sessions) will be credit on your account to be used towards any services in the clinic provided by Jolene Tse. 

Power, Presence and Freedom! A gateway to the extraordinary you...As the ego unravels.... creating space to experience, feel and live as your authentic self!


Creating liberation from things like:

emotional trauma

childhood limitations

sabatoging thoughts

behavioral patterns

feeling alone

wanting to be loved

wanting to be accepted


limiting beliefs

This offers has extreme value

for only $342.

You get:

~ 3 x 60 minute integrated healing          massage sessions 

~ 1 Sound bath sound healing session