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Why a Float is the Zen you didn't know you needed

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

This year has been hard for everyone, and that's EXACTLY why we are still here. Less Stress is a sanctuary designed to help each individual let go of that which no longer serves them physically and emotionally in a relaxing, clean and private environment. This article is here to help you decide if a float is right place for you to seek that much needed relief.

What exactly is a Float Session like at Less Stress?

In your own private room, after a hot shower using provided luxurious soaps from Rocky Mountain Soap Company. There lies a heated salt water pool inside a Float pod. Once you enter the softly lit pod you can close the lid completely or leave it open to your comfort level. This is your time, you choice. There is a halo to help keep your head afloat and 2 buttons inside. One for the lights and one for the front desk. At anytime you can buzz for any concerns. We have a list of meditations and musical playlists you can choose from before entering, or if you're feeling adventurous you can even take advantage of the sensory deprivation and enjoy pure silence. Recline gently into about 1 foot of heated water and let the saline rich solution help you float with gentle ease and buoyancy. Float tanks provide a unique sensation where the temperature controlled water and air match so closely it creates an obscured definition of where you skin ends and the water begins. It's comparable to the womb. A place to quietly reflect.

The many benefits.

The massive amount of Epsom salts used in combination with the water cradles the body with a tender reassurance. This minute amount of pressure can help the floater's lymphatic system return interstitial fluids to ones heart which help purify the blood on a microscopic level. It can help reduce pain and swelling, promotes sleep, sooths skin issues while providing moisture, can help with post workout recovery, boosts blood circulation, regulates heart rate, all while leaving you feeling invigorated and refreshed. Not only does it have many scientific health benefits, but this inviting quiet space provides an opportunity to be still, brainstorm, clear your mind, or quest for personal Zen without any interference.

What do I do in a float pod?

I personally recommend starting with focusing on the breath which a few of our guided meditations will help with. Finding the absolute bottom on your inhale and steadily exhaling until the last of your breath and repeating until you feel satisfied. I recommend choosing a meditation and playlist before hand. Across any platform, we will try to accommodate what ever you need to make the most of your experience.

It's clean and safe. Everyone is looking for an escape from the every day and that includes being able to put your mind at ease. Our pods, floors, showers, an touch surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every use with Hydrogen Peroxide and a gentle but effective Thieves cleaner. Visits are spaced out to ensure time for you to relax and get comfortable without feeling rushed and for our staff to fully clean the room for your personal use. The water is filtered 3x between each use to ensure the water is pure for each guest. Combined with up to 1500 pounds of Epsom salts, this environment is known to be inhospitable to microbes and bacteria. A place where you can feel at home in a peaceful space , while floating, enveloped in soothing, soul quenching warmth.

Experience something new! Don't let proximity and cold weather hamper your desire for adventure. Maybe a float is a little out of your comfort zone, but that's a great reason to try it! Don't settle into a winter rut sometimes you have to seize the day and have a little "YOLO".

It's touchless relaxation Maybe a massage isn't you're thing, or maybe you're like me and your bathtub is full of toddler toys. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and get away from people for a bit. This is PERFECT for you. We have a list of guided meditations, playlists you can design for YOUR time to maximize YOUR relaxation.

Serenity NOW. Do you crave quiet? Are you finding it hard to get into a comfortable mental or physical place? Sometimes it can be hard to create a work life balance, and even harder to get into a headspace where we can really let go of the mental stressors and nagging pressures of the outside world. This is the perfect place for that to happen. It's the ultimate space to let your thoughts unwind, let your imagination take over while listening to your body and reconnecting to your higher self in a retreat designed to help you find inner peace.

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