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Sewa Product Review

Recently Less Stress has started a wellness relationship with Sewa Skincare Co. Locally owned and operated right here in Calgary.

As part of our process towards business collaboration we make sure anything we offer to our clients would be something we use ourselves.

I was so impressed with this product I felt I needed to leave a review. Here is my written review shared with Sewa Skincare Co. I have also included a video review as well. We sure hope you get to enjoy this product and support another local business in the process.


Good Day Yoyin,

Your products are amazing!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SAMPLE PACK!!! I felt quite spoiled!!! To thank you for the gift I would like to review your products and you can use these reviews wherever you like. Even though your products are not certified organic, you use such basic simple ingredients that most are very clean ingredients even when not organic. If I am comfortable with putting this on my skin you know you have a lovely product!!! J You have earned the BEANS APPROVED certification on your products (LOL)!

Body Balm: Smells like an amazing chocolate bar!!!! As directed it suggest it’s good to use on damp skin to lock in moisture. After I had a hot bath and got out of the tub I lightly towel dried my body and used the body balm all over. The fact the body balm comes in a deodorant like container it made it so easy to glide the balm across my damp skin. My skin felt so soft and I smelled like a walking chocolate bar!!!!! I can also see this product would be excellent on really dry feet!!!

Body Wash: The scent I got in my sample pack was lemongrass body wash. It was meant to be, because lemongrass is one of my top favourite essential oils. The soap has theobroma cocoa pod ash in it that’s course and give your body a nice scrub!!!! It foams up way better than I thought it would too!!! Worked great with my loofa. I was very impressed with this body wash. My boyfriend wanted to try it too cause he loves soaps that have a bit of texture but unfortunately he almost never likes anything with lemongrass scent. He said would love to try it in a different scent!

Body Butter: This smells like a tropical fruit punch! The smell alone is simply to die for! The smooth texture leaves hands silky soft and smooth. I am going to admit I got a bit greedy the night I brought my sample pack home and was applying this on my poor dry hands almost every 30 mins that night! My hands went from horrible dry cracked hands to smooth a silk by the end of the night. My boyfriend is always complaining how dry my hands are and once he felt them at the end of the night he told me to never stop using this stuff! Another amazing part too for those who may be concerned with the ingredient (Natural Fragrance Oils*) is it has been confirmed that this is a proprietary blend of plant-based aromatics that are produced using pure essential oils and aromatic isolates derived solely from natural, raw botanical sources. As someone who knows this ingredient could be comprised of anything the producer wants, it’s wonderful to know that the blend Sewa products are just using natural essential oils and botanical sources and not some lab created chemical using who knows what toxins to make something smell nice.

Body Oil: AMZING, JUST AMAZING MASSAGE OIL!!!!! Also loved using this oil on my legs just after shaving. So silky smooth! Gave my boyfriend a back rub and a little goes a long away!!! The smell is very mild and sweet. I think I smell notes of vanilla. I felt the smell was just perfect for a body oil. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy.

Sample Pack Overall Review: The sample pack is an amazing starter pack!!!! I think it makes a great Christmas gift idea!!!! There wasn’t a product I didn’t love and my boyfriend would have loved it all if there was a different scent of body wash but I’m so happy I got the lemongrass one!!!! These products made my skin so soft and I can’t wait to get more! I want to see if she makes any other products!!! If there is a face cream I would love to try that or well anything!!! You should be so proud of what you do!!!!

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