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10 Ways to Relax Right NOW!

With all the changes lately self care for many has taken a back seat. It's time to take back the control we have over taking care of ourselves! Cortisol is a hormone released when we feel stressed and over long periods of time, high levels can build up in the blood stream and can really wreak havoc with our immune systems. Here at Less Stress we want you to be the best and healthiest version of you that you can be. So, I'm here as your friendly neighborhood Registered Massage Therapist to help you kick cortisol to the curb with a few quick tips on how to get your self care back on track!

1) Breathe. Take the time right now and give it a shot I promise you'll feel better. Inhale a deep controlled breath all the way in, and when you think you're done, don't stop, inhale some more, same thing on the exhale. Don't let the exhale flump out, keep it controlled and mindful. Repeat 5 more times and you'll have way more oxygen in your bloodstream and a little more pep in your step. Which, if you've made it this far, will get your through 9 more tips. You could also try spicing things up with your favorite essential oil. Put a drop between your palms and rub them together. Get a little heat going and then open your palms at take a big fulfilling deep inhale. If you're looking for a fresh new scent, we carry some beautiful Young Living oils and blends that might brighten things up.

2) Find gratitude. Sometimes lifting your mood can help keep cortisol levels at bay. It doesn't have to be huge. The author Louise Hay once said "The more gratitude I feel, the more I am aware that the supply is limitless." What was the best part of your day? Really give that thought some love and savor it. Sometimes we have to give those thoughts more attention. it really can go a long way.

3) Move your body. Stretch! Roll those shoulders back. Try interlacing you fingers and push your palms away from your body. Do some arm circles. Yaaaasss! Get into it! If you have time turn on some tunes tap your toes and maybe even shake something loose.

4) Take a walk. 20 minutes of walking can reduce your stress levels and can even prevent the risk of heart attack, can help with restless legs, and help lower your blood pressure. You might even see some cute puppies while you're out too.

5) Weighted heat. Dust off the magic bean bag. A little weighted heat goes a long way. In 3 short minutes you could be zenned out with a heat pack on your shoulders. Don't have a bean bag? Get a hand towel wet and throw it in the microwave. Not too hot! Only you can use your judgement as to what's the right temperature for you.

6) Hydrate often. Dehydration can make you feel tired, and can cause a multitude of problems from loss of concentration to increasing the effects of free radicals in the body and can even deplete the fluids in your joints causing problems with movement. 4/10 Canadians don't drink enough water. Are you one of them?

7) Take a bath. Adding Epson salts to your bath can help sooth aching muscles by increasing your magnesium absorption. Magnesium can help reduce spastic muscles and even helps balance adrenal function. Magnesium can even help with reducing risks of blood clots.

8) Turn off social media. We all need a break once and a while. Snooze people who make toxic posts or comments. Less screen time before bed can help you sleep better and can help free up time for hobbies, family or getting to something you might have been putting off.. like coming in to see us (wink).

9) Stay in the moment. This one can be hard for some people. While meditation sounds great on paper people don't go zero to Zen if they only have 5 minutes before supper. That's why practicing staying in the moment a little bit daily can help make it easier to get to the point where meditation could possibly be on the table. Take some time to watch a bumble bee pollinate a flower or just gaze out your front window. try to turn off thoughts of the past or future and try to stay in this moment right now. This moment right now is all any of us ever truly have.

10) Ok this one's my favourite... are you ready? Book a massage! You are worth it! The Therapists at Less Stress are happy to share our many modalities with you and build a treatment with your health and wellness in mind. We are all very passionate about your health. We truly look forward to seeing each and every guest who come to visit us and show some us some local support. You are already half way there! You're on our website already! Setting an appointment for massage gives you something to look forward to and is a great investment in yourself. After all, investing some love in yourself is truly a really great way to relax.

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