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Classes Quick Schedule - Info & Signup Links Below

Nina Van Staden Yoga Classes

Every Monday* - 7-8:15pm - Restorative Yoga & Meditation

*Closed Stat Holidays/Boxing Day

Jolene Tse Sound Baths & Energy Work Events:

Dec. 4, 2022 - 6:15-7:45pm - Alchemy Soundbath - Awakening The Galactic Core Within 

Weekly Restorative Yoga & Meditation

Mondays - Every Week

(Closed on Stat Holidays & Halloween)

Time: 7-8:15 pm

Facilitator: Nina Van Staden


$25 per drop in


purchase a 6 class pack for $100 to use for any Monday night yoga class with Nina

Ages: 14+

Required Items to Bring: Matt and two blocks

Class Description: 

Restorative Yoga and meditation is a peaceful yin-based class that focuses on deep relaxation through the art of yoga combined with meditation and breathing exercises. This is an ancient and timeless way to rest the nervous system, stretch out tight tired muscles, ligaments, and joints, and find healing from within. Restorative yoga with meditation helps to integrate and align body, mind, and soul, so you can live a happier more balanced life.  During this class you will find new life, feel invigorated as well as calm and well rested. This class we learn to clear our minds, increase peace, find more clarity, purity, and security within every system of our being. Let the energy flow and the healing begin.

Alchemy Sound Bath

Awakening The Galactic Core Within

Date: Dec. 4, 2022

Time: 6:15-7:45pm

Facilitator: Jolene Tse

Price: $40

Ages: 8+

Required Items to Bring: Yoga mat, blanket, pillow x2, water bottle, eye pillow (optional)

Class Description: 

Are you ready to makes changes within you and your life? 

     Whether you are experiencing challenges, internal push pull, dark night of the soul, physical issues, mental chatter, over stimulated nervous system, ready to level up your reality, are asking yourself the questions of  How? Why?

Join us as the cosmic soundscapes welcome you into a deeper inward adventure. A vastness of exploration within the multidimensional self, accessing answers you seek. Flowing within simple and powerful breathwork, creating and activating higher heart connection. An offering within an expansive space, nourishing and nurturing the soul and awakening the Galactic Core within. Come as you are and experience a soundsational journey within and beyond….where no words truly describe. Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit....healing....transformation & change. Each session unique and divine, within support and evolution of yOur journey and that as a collective.

     Sound is an incredibly powerful healing modailty!


Sound Tools in offering:

Planetary Gongs; Crystal/Alchemy/Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks; Lap Harp, Crystal Harp; Drums; Percussion; Voice, Language of Light.

The gong is one of mans most powerful and oldest transformational and therapeutic instruments.  This incredible multidimensional tool is ideal for stress reduction, breaking up emotional blockages and stimulating the glandular system. When skillfully played, ripples and powerful waves of frequency are generated as the sounds of the gong bathe your entire body and being, offering recalibration of the parasympathetic nervous system while stimulating and resonating all cells simultaneously.  Doors and windows open to one's soul and the infinite universe within.

Science has proven that 20min of bathing in the frequencies of the gongs changes the physical structure of the blood....feel the changes, experience the transformation!

Planetary Gongs in offering:

Sedna: approx musical note of C (Root); Superconductivity; Blending of polarities;

Treating spinal issues; Addresses issues of betrayal, Helps to adjust to paradigm shifts; Changing cycles of time; Access to Akashic records; Summons the feminine aspect to rise from within. New Earth Om.

Jupiter: approx. musical not of F# (higher heart): Expansion; Optimism; Joy; Generosity; Evokes the benevolent father.

Addresses hip disorders and Liver issues. Realizations of spiritual aspirations; Embracing the Inner teacher, pushing boundaries.

Saturn: approx. musical note of D (Sacral) Structuring, Goal Orientation; Acceptance of Responsibility.

Establishes healthy boundaries; Addresses hearing loss on all levels; skin and bone problems; understanding the wisdom and lessons of time. Self discipline and Centeredness.

Neptune: approx. musical note G# (Zeal point) Dissolves boundaries; Mystical; Watery.

Develops intuition; Mystical & psychic ability; used with autoimmune disease; addresses imbalances; foot issues; lymphatic and fluid issues. Spiritually merge with ONE.

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