Join us for a New Moon Celebration... Freedom and Sovereignty
Are you ready to create your NEW life? To ignite and remember the divine creator/creatrix that you already are? Do you choose to fully honor all of you and be the greatest version of you? Set yourself free! It is time... to soar like the eagle and roar like the courageous "king of the jungle".

All facilitators flowing within union as one, creating a safe and supportive space to gently surrender into yourself. Universal support of the New Moon energies and planetary alignment creating opportunities for new beginnings and clarity for new potentialities.

Conscious awareness within the akashic records matrix and expansion within the breath, Natasha and Kavita weave their loving light in union, complimenting the flow and guiding you deeper within accessibility of the heart. Giving yourself permission, allowing transformation, change and balance. This beloved sacred, safe space is grounded and offered with universal sound medicines and frequency resonance.

There will be over 30 alchemy crystal singing bowls, crystal harp, planetary gongs and chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing pyramid, voice, various percussion instruments and 7 Language of Light & Sound Facilitators unite in divine service, supporting as you be.

Opportunity and potentiality, authenticity and integrity, reverence and honor of thy soul. The shackles and chains of what once was is no longer. The imprints of just existing and old world programming diminishing and falling away. The illusions of separation and the games of portrayal dissolve. Alignment and support, wherever you are within this expansive and divine journey hohm. The powerful creator/creatrix within ignited and felt... the FREEDOM and SOVEREIGNTY of DIVINE SOUL/SPIRIT EXPRESSION within BEING.


Akashic Language of Light & Alchemy Sound Bath
Freedom & Sovereignty