Click the Memberships below for detailed information and to purchase online. 


Mini Stress - Float Pod Membership - $49.00 per month

Less Stress - 1-hour Massage Membership - $99.oo per month

Kick Stress - 75 Minute Massage Membership - $99.00 per month

                       (EXCLUSIVE to ILoveKickBoxing Members)

 No Stress - 90 Minute Massage Membership - $120.00 per month

Membership Fine Print:

  • By signing up for any Membership, you will lock in the membership payment price permanently for as long as you keep your contract active.

  • If you were one of the first 50 people to sign up your membership will include a single 30 minute float for free 

  • Membership benefits carry forward month to month if membership is active

  • Cancellation is 7 days before membership bill date. Once you cancel your membership you cannot reclaim the exact same membership but can sign up for any other current memberships we offer. 

  • Accrued benefits are lost upon cancellation

  • Bill date is on the first of every month

  • If a massage membership is purchased the membership payment cannot be direct billed to the client’s insurance company until the date of the massage appointment. The Client or the clinic cannot submit to the client’s insurance company on your contract bill date. The service needs to be rendered prior to submission.

  • This membership cannot be combined with any other membership, package or other promotional offers.