Heart and Mind Coherence 6 -Week Wellness Workshop Series for Men

Are you seeking clarity and direction in your life?
Are you in need of tools to create stability amidst the instability of our times?
Are you seeking a space where you feel safe to communicate and share without judgement?
Where you can find your true self, beyond childhood imprinting and social conditioning?
Where you can be held in your vulnerability, supported in your life, and be lovingly accepted?
Wi invite you to join us as wi gently and lovingly open the doors of redemption and reclamation of the highest expressions of ourselves!

Through various experiential tools you will be supported with great opportunities of connection with full expression of your personal Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Unlocking the freedom to feel and to be you!

Dates: Every Sunday starting April 18 through to May 30, 2021

(excluding May 23 - long weekend)
Time: 9:00AM-1:30PM
Facilitators: Jolene Tse & Deniz Raven
6 Week Course Price: $350.00/pp

Ages: 18 & up


Required Items to Bring: yoga mat, pillows, blanket, water bottle , journal, lunch 

Space is limited to 10


**Monetary commitment is non-refundable. However, is transferable to other workshops offered by Jolene and Deniz.**

Drumming, guided meditation, sound healing, movement and energetic modalities create our playground to explore within ourselves, connect with each other and create the bridge between the powerful heart and mind coherence.
Journey through the ancient archetypes of the human psyche.

Learn how to relate, connect and better understand the feminine... within you and the feminine in your life, friendships & relationships.

Together as one, wi support each other….learning, growing, feeling and understanding the divine intelligence we all are!

Heal and transmute old patterns, cycles and belief systems about yourself that are ready for change as you make the choice to step into life and embrace the ever expansive radiance and magnificence that you are!

You will leave feeling:
 Confident about your next steps.
 Equipped with the right tools for you.
 In tune with the highest expressions of your masculinity and femininity.


  1. Magician (Jan 24) - Transmutation and the power of inner alchemy. Conviction. Observation. Mastery.

  2. King (Jan 31) -Serving your realm. Working with Divine Order and Structure. Nobility. Structure. Service.

  3. Warrior (Feb 7) -The Hero’s Journey - Honour. Power. Strength.

  4. Lover (Feb 14) - Appreciation of Beauty and truly enjoying the bounties of this Earth. Creativity. Inspiration. Feeling.

  5. Connecting with the Divine Feminine, Part 1 (Feb 21) - Healing with the Divine Mother - Compassion. Nurturing. Heart.

  6. Connecting with the Divine Feminine, Part 2 (Feb 28) - Voyage into the Void. How to relate to the dark and yin aspects of the Feminine.Mystery. The Unknown. Yin.

This supportive and empowering union is ONLY offered in-person. A small group, allowing Deniz and Jolene to fully support you during this journey of experience and change! It is time to honor and commit to being the greatest version of you!

Wi would love to have you and be in presence with you…..
Will you join us?