Poster for Summer Solstice Sacred Circle

     The summer solstice is the perfect opportunity to spend time in a sacred circle. It is a rare day, where the longest day of the year and the shortest day of the year meet. Together we will welcome the illuminating energy of the sun as it bathes mother earth with abundance, prosperity, enhanced intuition, fertility, and growth. Embrace the harmonies and energies of this cosmic fire to restore, and revitalize your body, mind, and soul.


Many ancient belief systems claim that the Solstice opens a portal between this realm and the spiritual realm. This powerful gateway allows us to commune with heaven and earth.


Join Jolene Tse, Deniz Raven, and Amber Pavey for this event. This transformative triad, bring unique energies and gifts to support your mind, body, soul and spirit. Enhance and connect to your true self in sacred space. Enjoy a harmonious sound bath, a solstice ceremony, guided meditation and astrological wisdoms and guidance.


Investment of $75.00 (incl GST)

Saturday, June 19, 2021

6:30PM to 8:30PM

Doors open 6:00PM

Enjoy an evening out with Thaya learning how to make Jun, a light fermented drink...healthy and oh so good for your gut!

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In the workshop, we will awaken the palate with a sampling of a variety of flavored Jun’s. You will learn a variety of ways of how to bottle and flavor this magnificent and healthy beverage. And that not all! Sample a few flavored vinegars that can also be created from Jun!

Leave with knowledge, guidance and confidence... as well as your own SCOBY and liquid which gets you started making your own Jun as soon as you get home! We have 10 spots available. Registration is required! Thank you and see you soon!

How to make Jun: The Champagne of Kombucha

DIVINE FATHER! Summer Solstice Rooftop E

Bath within the light of NEW MYSTERY SCHOOL frequencies....
A trinity of beloved souls within Mastery called forth to facilitate in service, sovereignty, honoring themselves and hu-manity!

We invite you to unite with us for this powerful and expansive transmission(s) of light, love and unity! The magnificence of the Divine Father within the frequencies of the Summer Solstice!

Key codes of light activating within ...as aspects of the Divine Masculine awaken, being presence...showing up, within the precious union of Divine Feminine and the Creation through divinity and Presence of the Be-love-d Child. Activating the crystalline chromosomes within the divine genome... remembering, creating opportunities of divine sovereignty embodiment. Sacred Rays of light...The Blue Sacred Ray of-courage, choice, faith and will....ArchAngels*Ascended Masters*Galactic's* guiding you hohm! Celebrating your light!

Guided Meditation and Akashic Records accessing and clearing. The Akashic Records are like the Google of the spiritual world. Besides being the original search engine ,it hosts every program, every app, every blueprint for creation, every though ever though, every word ever said, every action ever taken by all on the planet and within the entire universe. And whatever you imaging to be multiply it by infinity. Your Akashic Records hold a great deal of information about you...AND you can ask any questions and all questions...knowledge can be empowering!

Multidimensional healing through Sacred technology of Sound & Vibration
Transmissions of Light- Universal Language of Light
Sacred Alchemy of Ray's The Blue Sacred Ray of courage, choice and will. God's Word...Father's Word.