Surrendering Into the Heart

 Guided Meditation & Sound Bath

A gentle and supported meditation, guiding you into union within the cosmic heart. A place to begin and a place to surrender into... hohm! Awakening and feeling that inner soul nudge, for change, discovery, for expansion! Honoring and accepting patience and understanding the path of wholeness. Living the greatness of this life!

An intimate space to experience the powerful union and integration of Sound and Light. Unity Consciousness, live music enhancing, supporting and transcending as we receive.

Planetary gongs, hapidrums, hand-pan, native drums, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing pyramids, Language of Light and more!! Lifting and shifting while lightening and brightening! Journal your experience.....

Each offering in alignment of collaboration within the presence of the moment and unique to those that gather!
Constant flow. No two offerings are ever the same!

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Upcoming Class Calendar

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