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Saturday, August 8 - 8:00pm to  9:30pm

Sunday, August 9 - 11:00am to 12:30pm

Lion's Gate Rooftop Extravaganza

The Lions Gate portal opens August 8-12th every year offering powerful Light Codes of acceleration. This synchronicity is represented by the alignment of the Sun (in Leo), star Sirius, and Orion’s belt with the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza. Sirius (the brightest) star moves in its closest proximity to Earth at this time. This powerful gateway signifies the Earths alignment with the Galactic Center of the Universe. This allows the powerful portal to be in expansive and playful offering for an acceleration of our soul remembering of wholeness/oneness... our sovereign Creator beingness... Mastery of Self as Source!

Facilitators: Jolene Tse & Trevor Uruski
Price for Class: $55 per person per day

Both days $85 (contact us not available online)
Membership offering: $10 or $25 off select services 
Ages: 10 & up
Required Items to Bring: yoga mat, 2 pillows, blanket, water bottle OR Comfortable lawn chair

This event goes rain or shine but may be moved indoors if there is poor weather.